and… launching!

Welcome to InMyGreenBoots!

My name is Natalia and I am an American twenty-something year old gal, who moved to South Africa on a whim and decided to stick around (going on nearly 4 years now, people!). This little blog is meant to recount my personal adventures, my likes, my dislikes and most importantly my attempts at living a greener and more sustainable lifestyle. I believe it’s all about the little things we choose to change, that ultimately make a personal and social difference. We didn’t all read the Omnivore’s Dilemma (although… Michael Pollan, I love you) or Skinny Bitch and immediately change our eating styles; and we certainly didn’t all have a life-altering reaction to an Inconvenient Truth. But we can’t deny that things are happening, little changes can be made and we are not ignorant to this concept of sustainability. Use this blog as a small magnifying glass to analyze these changes, and find out ways how you too, can be a little greener 🙂







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