Free Food review: OMG

Happy hump day!

Something very important finally happened over the weekend: I FINALLY went to Free Food, Johannesburg’s delicious vegan hotspot


There are a few tasty spots in Johannesburg where you can find delicious healthy food, truly made with the right ingredients (including love, la la la :)). Free Food is one of them and if the owner Ariel’s big smile and warm demeanor isn’t enough to make you want to stay forever, then the delicious smells coming out of the open kitchen will. The place is small with only one large table, so it’s perfect for takeaways or a large group.

Free Food has been producing quality products since 2007, that have been distributed throughout health stores, but on the 25th of February they opened up their “Kitchen of Infinite Possibilities” and thank god they did. The food is fresh, tasty, creative, vegan and healthy. Ariel’s open kitchen practice also permits one to have a look and see what’s cooking, so there are really no secrets, it’s just good food.

There are usually 3-5 specials, a soup and of course, dessert. The specials change weekly, but can be found here and there is always a stock of their products available. These products range from burger patties, to non-dairy cheese, to gluten-free pizza bases and more. Personally, I recommend the Quinoa Tofu Triangle + Shitake Salad, I really didn’t know tofu could taste so good, but in reality everything on the menu looks divine… and you can NOT leave without some Cocoa Cocoons. These little devils are like dark chocolate truffles, but better. Just try them.

So vegan or not, everyone can enjoy good food and should make their way to:

Free Food
Shop 5B Reithmere
Delta Street (cnr Corlett Drive)
2196………Just look for the bunny!




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