Juicy Wednesdays: 5 reasons to start juicing

We’re starting something new this week: Juicy Wednesday! I love juicing, I think it is one of the best additions to any diet, but I realize it can be a bit intimidating and gross. So, to encourage you to explore juicing, I have provided my top 5 reasons to start juicing… and to debunk the naysayers who think those green elixirs look yuck, I will be providing weekly juice recipes and tips every Wednesday.

So, without further ado… here are 5 reasons to come on board and start juicing:

  1. Maximum absorption of vitamins and minerals – When you juice, you remove fiber (pulp) from fruits and vegetables, leaving behind only their liquid. This reduces the volume of the fruits and veggies, thus allowing for more food to be incorporated into your juice. In other words, your juice could contain and entire cucumber, 5 pieces of kale, 1 yellow pepper, 2 apples, 1 lemon, an inch of ginger… would you ever sit down and eat all of that at once? Not likely. But when you juice, you can drink the liquid and nutrients of each vegetable and fruit in one sitting. In addition, since there is no fiber to breakdown, your body is absorbing the vitamins and minerals quickly and efficiently…. You’re essentially getting an entire day’s worth of fruits and vegetables in one glass (move over V8!).
  2. pH balance – balancing the pH levels in our body is a constant endeavour. Modern day diets often leave our bodies in a more acidic state which results in poor health, low energy levels and an environment for disease to thrive in. Regulating your pH levels and striving to keep your body alkaline, ensures that you are creating an atmosphere for good health, where disease can’t grow and your body can function optimally. Green vegetables especially, are high alkaline so when you juice with them, your body is given a large dose of enzymes that help balance things out.
  3. Detox and digestion – Juicing detoxes the body by improving the function of elimination organs like the liver, kidneys, and intestines; and detoxing the blood stream. Furthermore, it aids digestion which is also essential to the elimination of toxins from the body.
  4. Boosts energy levels – Juice gives your body real wholesome energy to run on. Through boosting your immune system and ensuring you have the nutrients you need, juices won’t allow your body to get run down.
  5. Can reverse some health problems  – Regular juicing can alleviate allergies, lower cholesterol, settle insomnia, reduce high blood pressure, reverse signs of ageing (which means you can invest that botox money into something more exciting), aid in weight loss, improve blood circulation, and more. Most importantly though, juicing gives your body the tools it needs to heal, eliminate the bad and absorb the good.



[This is Oscar, the (other) love of my life]


If you can juice every day: great. If you can’t: no stress. Like any good decision, every bit counts and the extra boost of nutrients a juice provides, will only make you healthier 🙂





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