Seasonal Flavors: July



At the beginning of each month, I like to check the Eat Out SA’s “In-Season” guide to see what produce is in season for that particular month. While I have a pretty good idea of what will and won’t be in season (i.e. now is not the time to crave mangoes), it’s nice to see a list and incorporate vegetables that may not have occurred to me otherwise. Get your creative culinary juices flowing, here are July’s in-season goodies for South Africa:

  • Avocados– and thank god they’re still in season… I generally mourn when December comes around…
  • Beetroots– juice them, roast them, spiralize them. Delish.
  • Broccoli– did you know broccoli is carrying some sneaky protein? Now you do.
  • Cabbage– Cabbage rolled up with a little salsa or mustard is a great snack and very detoxifying.
  • Celeriac– an example of getting the culinary juices flowing… I’ve never cooked with celeriac, but maybe July is my month.
  • Celery- reduces inflammation and is great for juicing or snacking on.
  • Gooseberries– yummy sweet tart snacks, full of antioxidants.
  • Granadillas– I’d imagine these are great in smoothies.
  • Kiwi– these are classified as superfoods and are PACKING vitamin C. Enough said.
  • Leeks– an Allium veggie, this is a good one to sauté or add to winter soups.
  • Mandarins– easy snacks and tasty additions to salads.
  • Marrows- aka squash/zucchini, these are filling, full of fiber and make a nice side dish when sautéed with a bit of olive oil and seasoned.
  • Mushrooms– Mushrooms are one of my favorite foods. I like them steamed or sautéed and can eat a punnet of them in one sitting. Delicious, versatile, low in calories and high in several B vitamins.
  • Parsnips– one to add to the books, I’m keen to try this recipe.
  • Peppers– antioxidants to the max and did you know they’re technically fruits?
  • Sharon Fruit– aka Persimmon, I bet it could be a funky addition to a fruit salad? Maybe? I’ll have to give it a shot.

Eating seasonally is sustainable on so many levels, so if you’re South African based, incorporate these beautiful fruits and veggies into your diet this month!






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