Juicy Wednesday: My Green Staple

Happy Juicy Wednesday!

My boyfriend and I recently booked tickets to America and it is the ONLY thing I can think about. He’s never been and I haven’t been home in far too long, so needless to say, these next 65 days (yes, there’s a countdown… obviously) are going to go by at a glacial pace. To distract myself in these torturous times, I’ve been focusing on recipes that I want to take home with me and share with my family. I mentioned before that my parents raised us on a very Mediterranean diet, filled with seasonal locally-sourced food, but juicing was never really on their agenda. So, today I will be sharing my favorite green juice combo, that is newbie friendly and something I plan on sharing with my family every day that I’m home (whether they like it or not). It’s kind of a staple in my house and an easy go-to alkalizing combination for when you’re in need of a quick fix.


My Green Staple

serves 2

1 large cucumber

1 lemon

2 small apples

4-5 stalks of kale, swiss chard, or spinach

1 inch of ginger


Clean everything very well, and if your cucumber or lemon feels waxy, then peel them first. Juice and enjoy! Want a twist? Add a dash of cayenne pepper.

yum yum yum…. super alkalizing and lots of health benefits 🙂






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