Friday Delights: 5 Tips for Greener Eating

Happy Friday! And one more Happy 95th Birthday to Nelson Mandela (even  though it was yesterday), that man is a true legend and hero.




I think I’ve made it pretty clear that one of the ways I choose to be little bit greener is through the food choices I make. I don’t just do it to for the planet (let’s be serious, while what I choose to eat for dinner might have a tiny impact, it isn’t saving the world), I do it to sustain my body and health as well. Here are some tips for greener eating which are bound to make you feel delightful all around, because they make you and the world a little greener:

  1. Cut back on animal products. There are so many alternatives these days and wholesome plant based meals are so damn delightful that you’ll eventually love and crave them.
  2. Buy local. Check out your local organic markets, and support your local farmers. Gotta have that meat? Locally produced meats are more sustainably and ethically produced than the mass-made meats in grocery stores.
  3. Eat seasonally. Chances are if it’s not in season, then it’s imported… it wastes a lot of energy and resources to get you those juicy peaches in the middle of winter… go for the juicy pears instead.
  4. Indulge in organic and fair trade products when you can. Organic foods are chemical free and fair trade foods are produced with ethical standards in place in terms of workers’ wages, working conditions, etc.
  5. Put some thought into your meal planning. For example, eating raw foods minimizes energy used to make the meal (plus the added health benefits of raw vs cooked); cooking just enough food minimizes waste; and balancing your meals ensures you’ll be satisfied and get the most out of your food.

Want some delightful motivation?

  • While it is hard to calculate the exact number, approximately 200 animals (including fish) are killed per omnivore, per year.  So, cutting back on your animal products can really make an impact.
  • According to a study done by the University of Chicago, going vegan can potentially reduce your carbon footprint by over a ton.

Bottom line: green eating incorporates feel good foods, and the more feel good foods we eat, the more delightful we feel.





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