Juicy Wednesday: Natalia Rose’s “Chocolate Milk”


Today I am sharing a recipe by Natalia Rose that I love and wish I could take credit for because it’s GENIUS. Natalia Rose is a Manhattan-based clinical nutritionist who has worked with a variety of men and women. She was formerly the nutrition director for the Frederic Fekkai Spa (umm… talk about a dream job) and the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa. She has several interesting books and I acquired her “Detox 4 Women” book about a year ago. Rose likes to promote raw foods and food combining principles, and I’d recommend the book to both women and men.

In addition to Food Combining, Rose is a juice junkie and this recipe for her “Chocolate Milk” is easy, delicious, cheap and great for you. It is a 100% vegetable juice, but when the flavors combine the taste has an uncanny resemblance to rich chocolate milk.

chocolate milk

I’m not on glue… I know the above looks like a swamp, but just try it.

Natalia Rose’s Vegetable Chocolate Milk

serves 2

1 head of Romaine (Cos) lettuce

1 pound (approximately 500grams) of fresh carrots

Clean everything and juice. That’s it. 2 ingredients found year-round.

*A twist: when I want the combination to be a little more filling and decadent, I blend the juice with one banana and ¼ of an avocado.

Enjoy your Wednesday and let me know if you give this “Chocolate Milk” a shot!


(the other) Natalia


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