Juicy Wednesdays: The Celery Refresher

Happy Juicy Wednesday 🙂

There’s nothing like an indulgent weekend to get your body craving something healthy and refreshing like a green juice. We hosted a lunch on Sunday for a few family birthdays and while I tried to keep the menu (mostly) healthy, naughty things like red velvet cheesecake made their way onto my plate, and a gin and tonic made its way into my glass (no idea how that happened)… but on the bright side we kept it gluten free (winning)!

celery juice

Below is one of my favorite combinations because it is so refreshing and loaded with nutrients. Plus it adds a nice change from my usual green staple. I think the combination of mint and pear really makes this an interesting elixir and the health benefits (especially from the celery) make it a great addition to any routine.


  • not just a bunch of water, celery is a natural source of sodium, potassium and other minerals, making this a great post-workout drink because it will help replace lost electrolytes.
  • celery can help reduce blood pressure and improve blood flow and circulation.
  • celery contains anti-cancer compounds and can help prevent tumors.
  • celery is an anti-inflammatory and EXCELLENT for joint health. If you’re suffering from arthritis discomfort, give it a try.
  • celery has a natural calming affect on the body.
  • celery can lower bad cholesterol.


  • mint cleanses the blood.
  • mint can alleviate digestive problems.
  • mint is great for the skin.
  • mint has several antibacterial properties, which especially aid oral and digestive health.


  • pears contain pectin which naturally helps keep things moving.
  • pears provide your body with a natural source of energy from the glucose/fructose levels.
  • pears contain Boron which helps the body retain Calcium, therefore it aids bone health.
  • pears are high in Vitamin C.


  • lime juice can help prevent kidney stones.
  • limes, like all citrus fruits, are high in Vitamin C.
  • limes have high levels of Folate and Calcium.

Not convinced??? Fine, then just trust me. This juice is SO refreshing and if you decide to drink it after a workout, you will definitely be riding on Cloud 9. I promise.

The Celery Refresher

serves 2

1 bunch of celery

2 pears

1 lime

a large handful of mint leaves

Clean everything thoroughly, juice, sip, say “ah”, and enjoy! 🙂


Have a beautiful week!






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