Juicy Wednesday: Almond Milk

Good morning!

Sorry for the hiatus, Friday (August 9th) was Women’s Day, a public holiday (yes… another one…wee!) here in South Africa. We went away for the long weekend so I was unable to blog on Friday, but I’m back!

Today I am sharing a recipe for Almond Milk. Not quite “juice” in its assumed form, but still juice in the sense that the pulp of the almonds is removed, leaving behind a lovely creamy “milk” and suitable dairy alternative. This recipe is simple and the only tools you’ll need are a blender, container to store the milk, and a nut milk bag/cheese cloth/or coffee filter.

In the States, almond milk is readily available at most grocery stores and ranges in price. In South Africa, you’ll be hard-pressed to find almond milk in most health food shops, and when you do it is generally around R80 for a liter ($8…. no thanks). Given how easy and significantly cheaper it is to make almond milk (not to mention, ZERO preservatives), I think I’ll keep making it at home.


Almond Milk

makes 4 cups

1 cup of raw plain almonds soaked overnight

4 cups of filtered water

4-6 dates soaked overnight (optional)

1/2 tsp of vanilla (optional)

pinch of salt (optional)

pinch of cinnamon (optional)

1. Soak the almonds and optional dates in water overnight.

2. Rinse almonds and add to blender with water, dates, vanilla, salt and cinnamon.

3. Blend on medium for at least 1 minute or until the mixture is nice and creamy, then increase speed to high for an additional 30-60 seconds.

4. Carefully strain liquid through a nut milk bag, cheese cloth or coffee filter into a jug or container. You may have to do this step in stages and be sure to try and squeeze out as much of the liquid as possible. Reserve pulp.

5. Enjoy!

This is not like your typical store-bought almond milk. The milk will eventually separate when left alone, so just give it a good shake before every use, store it in the fridge and consume within 5 days.

The pulp can be used for SO many things, so don’t toss it! If you made plain almond milk (no extras like dates or vanilla, etc) then you can spread the pulp out over a baking sheet and dehydrate it in your oven (on its lowest setting) for several hours until the pulp becomes dry almond flour. Alternatively add a tablespoon or two to smoothies, oats, etc. The pulp is loaded with fiber and still maintains many of the nutritional benefits associated with almonds (vitamin E, manganese, copper, riboflavin, calcium, iron, and more).

Drink up.





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