Juicy Wednesdays: The Sookie Stackhouse

Happy Wednesday!

While it’s not here yet, Spring is definitely in the air in South Africa! One of my favorite things in life is the change of seasons. It’s a beautiful time to observe nature and just enjoy a changing climate. I am definitely looking forward to warmer weather, outdoor dining and summer fashion. I have already bought a kimono similar to this one (I couldn’t find a picture of mine) in anticipation. Do I wear it around the house and freeze? Maybe.

Today I am sharing a juice that I’m currently loving, because it is refreshing, light and particularly detoxifying which is certainly appreciated as we approach bikini season. We’re going to call this juice ‘The Sookie Stackhouse‘ because it looks like something out of a vampire movie/series. Don’t judge me for naming my juices….


(psychedelic juice)

The Sookie Stackhouse

serves 2

1 large cucumber

4 medium beets

2 small apples

1 large lemon (peeled)

4-5 spinach leaves

handful of mint

Wash everything thoroughly and juice. Enjoy!

Some benefits:

hydrating; detoxifying; good for skin, oral and hair care; aids in weight loss and digestion; alkalizing; can lower blood pressure; beets are nature’s viagra (oh la la); this juice is very rich in vitamins A, B2, B6, C, E and many minerals.

Drink up beet bums!







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