Friday Delights: 5 things


be cool….

Happy Friday! The weekend is in sight 🙂

Today I am sharing 5 things I’m currently finding delightful that I hope you will too:

1) I have a huge nerdy culinary crush on Mark Bittman. I said it. Mark (it’s cool, he said I can call him by his first name) had a column called The Minimalist in the New York Times Dining section (that I stalked) for years, was the lead food writer for Times Magazine (also stalked) and also the author of a few books. Recently, Mark published a book called VB6 where he encourages readers to eat like a vegan until dinner time. My heart.

2) I gave up gluten/wheat for lent this past March and immediately noticed major differences. While I do not have a gluten intolerance, I found that avoiding it makes me feel better, and since I’m an avid baker, a healthier flour option was already an urgent need. I’ve been experimenting with affordable alternatives and have fallen in love with Nature’s Choice Gluten Free Cake Flour. This flour’s main ingredient is brown rice flour (winning!), but it also incorporates soya flour, sago flour, potato flour, tapioca and sea salt, to give your baked goods a lovely texture that is very similar to your classic wheat flours. Brown rice flour= healthy carbs. I love it.

3) Davines hair products. I have been using Davines products for almost a year now and when I say these products saved my hair… I mean it. I have long hair, which is fun, but requires a good hair care regime. Davines are phenomenal and the best part is that they’re a sustainable brand that incorporates sustainability principles in their ingredients, production and distribution. They are a natural brand with environmentally-friendly practices, and the products speak for themselves. Love love love.

4) It took me a long time to find a Stevia that I could stomach (most are horribly bitter), but Canderel Green, not only can I stomach you, I like you. Stevia is tricky… it’s the preferred safe sweetener (low in calories, all natural, etc), but it tastes like garbage, and the after taste is even worse. Let me honest… it does not taste like sugar or other sweeteners, but it’s also not full of foreign ingredients that are known carcinogens. It’s all-natural and I like it in my morning cuppa.

5) With VB6 as an inspiration and Spring in the air, I’ve decided to start not only eating vegan before 6 (that’s already pretty much in order) but eating vegan AND raw before dinner time. With that in mind, I’m going to start sprouting regularly. Sprouting is a great way to get in some raw protein, enzymes and vitamins, plus it diversifies your meals. Watch this space, my resident sprouter (aka boyfriend) will be doing a post next week explaining the process and some benefits.

Have a delightful weekend!



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