Friday Delights:

Weekend time 🙂


Here are a few delightful things that I’m loving and looking forward to at the moment:

1) Sprouted/Essene Bread– while this is versatile and varies, it is the oldest type of “bread” and said to have originally been “baked” in the sun. I’ve been making raw sprouted bread out of sprouted legumes and grains, running them through the food processor, seasoning and dehydrating. The verdict: I love it! The “bread” comes out grainy, it’s raw, it’s satisfying and highly nutritious. While it’s a hell of a lot more work than just running to the shops for a loaf of sliced bread, it’s worth it.

2) Fashion Week- it’s Fashion Week in New York and that is always a fun time to get inspired. While it’s fun to see what’s on the runway, my favorite part about Fashion Week is the street style, and will be soaking it all up throughout the week.

3) September Fruits/Veggies– Spring veggies are coming in loud and clear. We’ve been enjoying a lot of strawberries and mushrooms, and I’m looking forward to adding some delicious steamed artichoke with a garlic aioli to the veggie regime.

4) Crochet Granny Square Blanket– I want one, or rather, I want to make one. It adds cozy comfort and color and don’t they just look so delightfully inviting? 

5) New York City- This is an ongoing love, but NYC and all the delights it has to offer, have officially consumed my mind. It’s been 6 years since my last visit to this iconic city, and I just can’t wait. 2 weeks and then me and the man are off on our American adventure. It can’t come fast enough.


Enjoy your weekend and be sure to pick up some of that gorgeous sunshine!





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