Friday Delights: 5 things

Friday Friday Friday! And what a beautiful Friday it is here in Johannesburg. One thing I do love about this city is the weather. Winter is cold but it’s consistently full of blue skies and sunshine. Spring/Fall are warm and sunny. Summer is hot and sunny with a side of incredible thunderstorms. Welcome to the desert.


This weekend marks our last weekend in South Africa before a very special and long awaited trip to America, so basically my mind is officially lost and Kanye West’s “Homecoming” is on repeat in my head. Nothing wrong with that. A few delights that have been on my mind:

1) Working in the music industry has a lot of perks, but I think my favorite part is sitting in an office taking turns playing DJ with my co-workers throughout the day. Music is definitely all about evoking an emotion and resurrecting memories, recently this song came back to me and I’m in love with it all over again.

2) Homemade nut butters. There are so many recipes out there but it basically comes down to grinding a bunch of nuts or seeds (or both) until a lovely buttery consistency forms. This can take a while so be patient if you do try this at home, eventually the ground nuts will release more of their oil and look like the nut butter we buy in shops. No preservatives, so store this in the fridge.

3) Avocado as salad dressing. Holy yum. If you want a creamy salad dressing without the guilt and with lots of extra fiber and nutrients, blend an avocado with lemon juice and/or vinegar, seasonings of choice and a bit of water to thin it all out. Here’s a nice recipe for a Ranch dressing knock-off.

4) Heart-shaped sunnies. Aren’t they just cute? I know they’re kind of a silly trend, but it’s a silly trend that I’m finding delightful and want to follow… These red-rimmed one’s are adorbs.

5) Summer music festivals are starting. This means live music, grass between my toes, bubbly, festival fashion and lots of outdoor fun (my favorite kind). Can’t. Wait.

Have a delightful and delicious weekend!




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