Back at It

Hello again! Thanks for sticking around, I know it’s been a long LONG time… My ambitious “I’ll post sporadically” didn’t exactly pan out when I was skipping around America, seeing family and friends, eating delicious food, and generally obsessing over my homeland.

Now I’m back and eager to get into a routine, and with summer on the horizon I am really feeling the raw foods vibe. This could also have to do with all the inspiration I picked up in NYC. When you have access to fresh green juices and smoothies on almost every corner in Manhattan, it’s pretty easy to start swooning and floating up to Cloud 9. In addition, my beautiful mother owns a Vitamix, so while I was staying at my parents’ house, I couldn’t resist the urge to make smoothies all around almost everyday. Those machines are pure power.

Sometimes it’s difficult to get back into a healthy routine after being on vacation for so long, but for me it comes down to three things:

1. Sleep

2. Eats

3. Exercise

….and in that order.

While all relate to each other, I think first and foremost, you want to get back into a healthy sleeping routine. Feeling rested enables you to make healthier and more mindful food and lifestyle choices. After that comes the Eats. While my first day back may have included more chocolate than I’d like to admit (Pumpkin Spice Hershey’s Kisses should be illegal), each day I’ve managed to incorporate more and more fruits and veggies and doing this gradually feels good and natural, rather than forced. Being jet-lagged does not make exercise appealing or easy, but taking the dog for a walk and other low-key activities are good for eventually getting back into a strong routine.

I hope you find these tips useful next time you’re in a post-vacay funk. Overall, it’s always bittersweet to come home from a holiday, but for me seeing these goons was the best part of being back.



Enjoy the rest of your hump day and see you soon!





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