Friday Delights: Summers in South Africa

Happy Friday! I trust everyone is looking forward to the weekend? Si? If you’re in Johannesburg, I hope you’re embracing this heat wave with a little love rather than allowing your body and mood to roast like I did yesterday in my un-airconditioned car….  Side story: when I first got Diego (my car) insured, the insurance lady was properly SHOCKED that I lived in Joburg without air conditioning in my car, I told her it was the only thing I didn’t like about summer. Anyway, this weekend Diego and I will give each other some space, and I will stay cool with some vino and hopefully a pool. No-air-conditioning-in-Diego aside, I love summers in South Africa and felt like they deserved their own post especially amidst the heat wave.

When I moved to South Africa 4.5 years ago, I wisely chose Cape Town as my new home. Cape Town is my favorite place in the world, it encompasses everything that I love yet never ceases to amaze me or introduce me to something new and special. I think what really did it for me, was the combination of the outdoors and nature, with also completely being a lifestyle city. I became a wino and outdoorsy all at the same time, and both have stuck with me.

The city sits against mountains but along the sea and beyond the mountains are the famous Cape Winelands, and along the sea are little seaside villages, both are truly breath taking. Imagine living in a city where no matter where you lived, you had a million-dollar view. That’s Cape Town. Some of the best parties, beaches, hikes, and restaurants that I’ve ever been to, have been in this gorgeous place. Cape Town, you will always have my heart.


V&A Waterfront with Table Mountain (source)


Franschhoek, Cape Winelands (source)

Eventually the wind took me to Johannesburg… the opposite of Cape Town in so many ways, but not without its own unique perks. Joburg is a business hub and in some ways the capital of Africa. Work-wise: awesome. People-wise: great. Very cosmopolitan. What I love about living here though, is that when summer shows up, so do the thunderstorms and the unbelievable sunsets. The thunderstorms are HECTIC but so beautiful and the sunsets are unlike anything I’ve ever seen. African skies are something else, and I’m not sure why, but in Joburg they really are out of this world.


Sunset over Joburg CBD, photo by Walter Knirr

lightning sandton

Lightning over Sandton (source)

Between the lifestyle, good wine, fresh foods and weather, South African summers are delightful and very very special 🙂

Have a great weekend!




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