My three favorite R words…

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.


Most of us are familiar with these three R words, but it doesn’t mean we implement them. I’ve certainly been guilty of throwing a wine bottle (or two… or more…) in the trash before, but I know the importance of Recycling and I know it is something I need to be more proactive with.

Recyclables include:

  • Metal
  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Glass

In South Africa, those that are primarily responsible for recovered and recycled waste, are our informal recyclers… aka bin-pickers. While it’s not the safest job, at least someone is doing it, but we could certainly make it a little easier for them by rinsing and separating our recyclables before putting them out. Then, these guys wouldn’t have to dig through our garbage and the recyclables wouldn’t be contaminated with food. Want a more formal recycling route? There are private companies that organize curbside collection for a fee, otherwise you can schlep to the closest drop off point and deliver your recyclables yourself. You can find more information at Treevolution’s “Guide to Recycling in South Africa”.

Ultimately, it’s not just about Recycling though, the other two R’s are also important and applicable to daily living. Reducing consumption and Reusing where we can, are steps in the right (green) direction. Give it a shot! Maybe make May your month of dedicated recycling 🙂


Enjoy your Tuesday my Recyclababes!





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