Juicy Wednesdays: Watermelon Rind

Sometimes I make little food discoveries that I get so excited about, you’d think I won the lottery. One of these recent discoveries was using watermelon rind as a juice base. Every good juice needs its base, which is the “watery” vegetable/fruit that is making up the bulk of the juice’s volume. For me this is normally a cucumber or celery, which I love, but here’s why I got so excited about watermelon rind:

  • It’s normally just thrown out…
  • Cucumbers and celery can be expensive sometimes
  • Unless organic, cucumbers can be very acidic
  • Celery is delicious but sometimes a little too bitter
  • The health benefits along with its mild flavor make watermelon rind a big win


This can be lieu of cucumber in any juice recipe, the flavor is refreshing and slightly sweet if some red bits get in, and it yields a lot of liquid. Best of all, if you were just going to toss it, it’s kind of free!

Some benefits:

  • Contains Vitamin C and B6
  • Good for skin, immunity, and nervous system
  • Due to its Citrulline content, the rind has anti-oxidant effects

One more reason to love watermelon 🙂




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