Something special on the way…

A few months ago we received some very special news… our duo is becoming a trio! I’m pregnant, and so so excited!

It’s funny how something of this magnitude can cause such a rush a different emotions. I went from “OH MY GOD!”, to “damn… no travelling for a while” (we were planning on going to Peru in 2016…), to “BAAAAABY!!!!!”, back to “OH MY GOD!”, to “we’ve got this”, and then all the feelings courtesy of hormones, of course.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share any of my pregnancy on the blog, but then a friend encouraged me to get back into blogging because it would be a nice way to journal the process and look back at my experience one day.

So here are a few things I’ve learned so far, and a few things I’ve experienced:

  • The amount of information out there is overwhelming, as is the amount of cuteness… thank god for Pinterest. Pacing oneself is essential.
  • While I’ve tried to stay healthy, sometimes you get a craving! I’ve found that over-eating and especially over-eating crappy food, makes me feel awful. Like, laying-on-the-bed-with-a-stomachache awful. My solution: healthy and lighter versions of whatever I’m craving. Currently, this means baked “fried” chicken. Gimme dat.
  • The pickle thing is real. Why are they so good???
  • I’ve never missed my family more, yet at the same time, in my nearly 7 years away, I’ve never felt closer to them.
  • A few pieces of advice from other mommas that have helped me wrap my head around this entire experience:
    • “There are a lot of ways to get parenting right, and only a few ways to get it wrong”
    • “There aren’t enough books to read to prepare you for parenthood”
    • “Trust your instincts”
  • I didn’t realize I would see Matt so differently, and I’m sure I’ll go through that all over again once the baby is here. Love really is infinite, and I really am lucky.

baby elephant

(can’t wait for our little South African baba)

Hurry up, August 🙂