Coffee Talk

Hi there! Long time no see and hellooooo November! Wow, where has this year gone?

coconut coffee

When I was in college my friend and room mate, Rachel, was also a morning person like me. Most mornings we would sit in the living room or at the dining room table and have coffee chats. This entailed conversations that ranged from life’s uncertainties, hopes, and dreams, to gossip and laughing about our previous night’s antics. Oh, college. Anyway, it was a time for reflection, sharing, bonding, and generally just forced us to be present.

Years later, I still try to keep that mindset when I’m sipping on my morning cup of Joe, and it’s the reason I won’t give it up. If you have something in your routine that makes your happy and centered, keep it. A little coffee can be good for you, especially if it’s also feeding your soul.

In the interest of keeping this routine clean and healthy, but also sweet and creamy (because that’s how I take my coffee), I made a delicious all-natural vegan vanilla coffee creamer. Cheers!

Vanilla Coffee Creamer

1 cup of coconut milk

1 cup unsweetened non-dairy milk (almond, cashew, soy, etc)

4 TBS liquid sweetener of choice (I used honey, but maple syrup would also be delicious)

1 TBS vanilla extract

1 tsp cinnamon (optional)

Put all ingredients into a saucepan and whisk together while slowly heating. Bring the mixture to simmer for a minute. Whisk a little more until everything is combined. Allow to cool. Enjoy!




20 healthy swaps




You know that whole “it’s not about dieting, it’s about changing your lifestyle” thing? Well, it’s 100% true if you’re looking for something long-lasting and sustainable.  A healthy clean diet goes hand-in-hand with sustainable and green living as it primarily cuts out the crap. The best way to approach this is to look at your current diet and find room for improvement, without completely shocking it. Baby steps. Here are my top 20 healthy swaps:


Swap this…. ….for that!

1. Sugar

Xylitol, brown sugar, raw sugar or stevia
2. Salt

Try to cut down on salt in general, but if you must then go for something higher quality like Himalayan, Sea or Kalahari salts

3. Generic honey

Agave, High quality maple syrup or raw organic Honey. Most honeys off the shelf are not that great for you, so try to use sparingly in general

4. Milk Chocolate

Dark chocolate, 70% or higher

5. Cooking oils

Coconut oil or a pat of butter

6. Margarine or any oil-based spreads

Butter. Butter trumps any of that processed crap that they claim is “better” for you. Just use sparingly.

7. Cous Cous

Quinoa or Millet

8. Bread Gluten free bread (read labels though, sometimes that stuff comes with processed nonsense) or lettuce/cabbage cups
9. White rice

Brown or Wild rice

10. Salad dressing

Balsamic, Raw Apple Cider vinegar, or lemon juice with a bit of olive oil

11. White potato

Sweet potato

12. Pasta

Gluten-free pastas (there are varieties, some are even made from brown rice) or spiralized vegetables like zucchini or sweet potato

13. Chips and salty snacks

air-popped popcorn

14. Cow’s milk and Soy milk

Nut/seed milks, rice milk, coconut milk or oat milk (just read labels carefully if store-bought)

15. Cream in warm dishes

Coconut cream

16. Mayonnaise

Mashed avocado

17. Cereal/Oatmeal

Steel-Cut, rolled, unprocessed oats

18. Ice Cream

blended frozen bananas
19. Chocolate sauce

Melt natural peanut butter with a bit of cocoa powder and raw honey, or melt cacao nibs with raw honey

20. Peanut Butter

Other nut butters (like almond or cashew) are better for you, but peanut butter is fine as long as it is natural. When buying a nut butter just check the label and make sure the nuts are the only ingredient aside from maybe a bit of salt.


*note: honey is not technically vegan, but I prefer raw honey to agave so it’s mentioned quite a bit here. If you are vegan, just replace raw honey with a good quality agave or high grade maple syrup.

Enjoy your Thursday and see you tomorrow for another Friday Delights post 🙂