Friday Delights: Halloween and November

Happy Halloween/Dia de los Muertos!


Yesterday was Halloween and today is technically the Mexican holiday of Dia de los Muertos which is fun in its own way and allows us to keep celebrating this fun time of year. I’ll take it. Halloween is a fun and silly holiday that I’m glad to see getting bigger in South Africa every year, just like the pumpkin fanatics that come with it. Isn’t it funny how pumpkin love is basically an all or nothing kind of thing? People either love it or hate it. I think you know where I sit with this.

Since it’s the beginning of the month I wanted to make a list of things I’m doing/loving at the moment. I see some of my favorite bloggers occasionally doing this and I think its a great way to reflect on the present and shape how you want to approach the near future. So here it goes:

eating: apples. I can’t stop eating them… but my mind is on grapes. Unfortunately, the only available grapes at the moment are imported. I refuse.
drinking: coffee and anything sparkling.
practicing: positivity.
mastering: bikram, which in retrospect… I should have done before the hot weather hit.
learning:  better time management, especially in a way that I can blog more.
listening: Sublime has resurfaced on the ipod. It’s Sublime weather.
cooking: at the moment, its more like uncooking. Lots of salads and fresh foods up in here. But getting a grill for summer braais/bbqs is something I’m looking forward to BIG time. Apparently grilled watermelon is delicious…must try.
reading: I’ve just started The Shack out of curiosity (I’m not religious) because people rave about it and it’s been lying around my house… stay tuned.
wearing: summer dresses and knee high gladiator sandals.
starting: an organic herb garden! I was given a little pot of four herbs and while my lack of green thumb is showing… I have hope.
finishing: my blogging hiatus. I intend to do this a little more regularly going forward, so thanks for sticking around 🙂

enjoy your weekend!